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Exam Preparation Help for Students

Excel at exams and still have fun

Yes, it’s true you can have both – be totally ready to sit your exams and still have a life at the same time!

With Excel in Exams’ Smartivate™ programme you will be better prepared and more confident going into your exams than ever before and all without having had to sacrifice your personal life to get there.

Smartivate™ let’s you take control of your destiny by guiding you along the process of study and being there for you every step of the way, just like a performance coach helping an athlete train for their next big race.

With all of sports psychologist Miranda Banks’ expertise and experience at your fingertips, you will feel in control and have greater motivation to achieve your goals.

Miranda never tells her trainees what they must do, instead she provides ideas for how to best tackle any situation, suited to each personality type, and allows you to make your own choices. With Miranda on your team you have an expert on skills and strategies, while you are the expert on you! This approach gives you the guidance and support you need, but also empowers you to feel confident in taking control of your own plan.

With Smartivate™ you will learn a set of skills crucial to preparing for and passing exams, but also ones that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life.

Learn how

  • TO HARNESS YOUR BRAIN - how to enhance your focus in the classroom, in lecture theatres, in private study, to make your study time as efficient and effective as possible; how to cut out hours of useless staring at material that simply doesn’t stick in your mind and how to super-charge your learning
  • YOUR MEMORY WORKS and how a few small changes can have a huge impact on your ability to remember information. Apply memory strategies to different subjects using different techniques – visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and nasally (yes, even your nose can help!)
  • TO TRAIN YOUR BODY TO SUPPORT YOUR MIND and how exercise, activity, nutrition, sleep quality, stress and anxiety management all impact your ability to absorb, retain and download information
  • TO MANAGE YOUR TIME and how the allocation of time to tasks is crucial. Learn how to design your own personal best-practice plan for performance enhancement - even more important when you’re taking multiple exams and time is scarce
  • TO CREATE AN ENVIRONMENT FOR OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE and how to put together the perfect study space for you
  • TO IDENTIFY ENERGY PUMPS, NOT ENERGY PARASITES and how to harness the motivation and positive energy of key people (our pumps) and manage the negativity and draining effect of others (our parasites)
  • TO DEVELOP YOUR CONFIDENCE through mental strategies and behavioural tools, used by top athletes and corporate leaders around the world, and how to put together your own mini training plan that you practise every day
  • TO DEVISE A GAME PLAN and put together a strategy for the big day itself, just like all top performers; how to harness your nerves for better focus, manage anxiety that threatens to overwhelm, plan for best performance, tap into your memory for those tip-of-the-tongue moments, banish ‘brain blanks’ and minimise silly mistakes

Want Miranda Banks on your team at exam time? Sign up for Smartivate™ now.

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