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Dyslexia is a term that covers many difficulties associated with reading, writing and organisation - and it can really affect students when it comes to learning material as well as exams.

Although it is a huge topic, I have just given a little guidance in the following video clip on what to do if issues associated with dyslexia are suspected or confirmed.  I work with many students who have to deal with being dyslexic and, when properly managed, those students still achieve their goals in an academic environment that can really test their skills.

For possible challenges such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and slow processing speed seeing a good educational psychologist for an accurate assessment and acquiring strategies for both studying and the exam itself will be essential.  Indeed, applying for extra time in exams will take you from being disadvantaged to having as good a chance as anyone else, so make sure you do it if you’re entitled to it!  Your school will be able to help with that application.

However, you may also be experiencing stress related to bullying, social pressure, anxiety or tough stuff going on at home.  You don’t need to go through that alone.  I’ve put some ways to deal with some of the more common challenges into Other Resources, so do take a read as they’ll give you some strategies to help.

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