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About Excel in Exams

Excel in Exam’s Smartivate™ programme uses sports psychology techniques practised by elite athletes to deliver a personalised exam preparation plan to help you achieve your best grades.

Smartivate™: a step-by-step, interactive, online program is designed to coach students and help them to develop:

  • Fitter focus – better attention in the classroom or lecture theatre
  • Faster learning – increased absorption of material in guided or individual study periods
  • Stronger memory – increased ability to recall information, even under pressure
  • Smarter results – application of your subject knowledge, exam-taking techniques and performance mindset to achieve your goals

Whilst schools and other learning institutions may provide coaching in some of these techniques, the added component of sports performance psychology in Smartivate™ helps to enhance motivation, create a training mentality and overcome exam day jitters – all crucial to success during exam preparation and exam-taking.

Smartivate™ applies sports psychology, cognitive psychology, neuropsychology and the experience of working with hundreds of students to create the most practical, easy-to-follow programme that will train you to achieve the grades you really want with the least amount of wasted time and energy.

Get on the road to exam success, purchase your Smartivate™ programme here.

Who is Miranda Banks?

Miranda Banks is a performance psychologist with an extensive background in sports psychology as well as clinical and neuropsychology. Performance psychologists enable sports people, leaders of industry, and anyone who wishes to go from good to great, and achieve their goals as efficiently as possible. Essentially, Miranda can help you achieve your goals faster than if you were left to your own devices.

Having worked extensively with Olympic and professional sport in Australia, Miranda realised that applying the principles of sports psychology for performance worked exceptionally well, not just for athletes and business leaders, but for students too. Not only that, students prefer the coaching style and down-to-earth approach that is typical of the sporting field.

Miranda lectured in performance psychology at universities in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia for several years, as well as guest lecturing at universities in Canada and the UK. It was during this time that she realised the challenges faced by students and started to develop her essay planning strategy.

Her book, "Fitter, Faster, Stronger, Smarter: Training for the performance of life", was published by Wiley in 2007.

In 2008 she returned to her native UK and continued to work with her three main client groups, sport, fake Rolex business and education, helping individuals and teams to achieve their best as efficiently as possible.

Find out more about Miranda and her work at

Who is Dr Jane Watson?

Jane is a qualified ICF accredited Transformational Life Coach and has her private practice – Reboot Coaching in Surrey.

She mentors University Graduates and works with Yes Futures, a charity supporting the personal development of year 7+ students by developing their resilience, confidence, self-reflection and communication skills.

Jane started out as a Biochemist, completing her 1st Degree at Bath University and her PhD at Cambridge. She then moved into the fast-paced, commercial world of conferences and events, creating technical conference content to tight deadlines and leading global conference teams to deliver outstanding product.

Jane brings her academic credentials, planning skills and how to work towards deadlines, how to keep calm in a fast-paced environment and her experience mentoring teenagers and graduates to Excel in Exams.

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