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Exam Preparation Support for Schools & Colleges

Schools are highly motivated to provide the best possible support to students as every school and college wants their students to achieve the results that meet their potential. But when it comes to preparing for exams, like students and parents, schools also have their challenges.

The time that students spend in school is tight and the focus for teaching therefore needs to be on teaching the curriculum and exam techniques specific to that subject.  This leaves little time for teaching effective study skills.

Study skills workshops can be difficult when it comes to student engagement - the message may be relayed, but it is not often heard.

Meanwhile Learning Support departments are flat out with their everyday student workload without the added burden of exam preparation coaching for every student.

Smartivate™ addresses these challenges by:

  • Removing the coaching of study skills from normal school hours
  • Providing an interactive approach, combining sports performance psychology and a down-to-earth coaching style, that both appeals to and engages students in the process of learning study skills
  • Alleviating the pressure on fully-loaded Learning Support departments

Find out how your School or College can activate Smartivate™ for your students.

We offer group discount codes for Schools and Colleges where Smartivate™ is either promoted to parents or provided for students. 

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