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Tick, tick, tick of the clock…

The Easter holidays are almost at an end – and ended already for some of you. We are now at the pointy end of preparation for your upcoming exams and you want to keep up your energy, attitude and belief that YOU CAN DO IT!!!

You had a study plan for the holidays that hopefully was useful for you. Now, you need to put together a plan for the last days leading up to the exams. Focus now needs to be on:

1. Reviewing your summary posters before…

2. Sitting and completing a practice paper in timed conditions, so you can train yourself in how to allocate time to each question/section. Remember to do these papers CLOSED BOOK!

3. Mark the paper yourself using the mark scheme from your exam board, paying attention to the common themes that emerge for different question types. What are the examiners looking for?

4. Check through the Examiners’ Reports to further consolidate your knowledge of what you need to be highlighting. These are also on your exam board website

5. Note any areas of knowledge that are still a little flaky and return to your notes to sharpen up and make sure you understand the content and can apply it to different question types

Finally, after a decent session, close up those books and go and chill. Keep up some decent cardio-vascular exercise (brisk walking/jogging/football/basketball etc) to stop your brain from turning to mush. Chat to friends, but remember not to get into that spiral negative conversation that “Exams are awful – I’m definitely going to fail!” The words that you speak are very powerful and have a profound effect on your brain. Instead, try speaking positively about your preparation and determination – and if you have worries, then be specific about them, rather than blanketing everything with disaster! If there are things that you’re worrying about, make a note of them and put them into your plan to attack the next day.

Head to bed at a decent time and allow yourself to sleep, knowing that you have done a solid prep session and that you are ON TRACK TO SUCCEED!!!

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