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Study Buddies: Better Your Grades With Your Mate

Revision doesn’t have to mean locking yourself away in your bedroom for weeks on end without speaking to anyone.

Independent study may well be best for knuckling down and really focusing on a text without distractions. But sometimes you’ll find you need some extra motivation or just can’t face another day with only yourself and the four walls of your bedroom for company.

A good way of relieving the boredom can be to revise with a friend. You can give each other support in those subjects or tasks you find difficult, test each other’s knowledge, spur each other on and get a fresh perspective on what you’re studying.

All too often, though, these sessions can just turn into a waste of time. You end up putting each other off, messing about and getting nothing done.

So what can you do to make the most of your study sessions with a friend?

Studying for GCSE's with a group of friends

Best buddies
The first thing is to pick your study buddy carefully. You want someone who’s actually going to make an effort and who wants to learn. The SmartivateTM course teaches you how to identify people who are “energy pumps”, not “energy parasites”.

Once you’ve found the right study partner, your energy pump, the next thing is to have a clear purpose in mind for your revision session. Make a plan before you meet up and set some ground rules.

What time are you going to meet? What are you actually going to do? What time are you going to finish? When will you take breaks? And, the really important bit, how are you going to reward yourselves afterwards for sticking to your schedule and achieving all your goals?

Getting more help
Looking for the ultimate exam preparation help? Look no further than SmartivateTM, the online, interactive course designed to help you excel in your exams.

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