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Revision power start for 2016!

Happy New Year!

With ‘A’ Level mocks  out of the way, if you haven’t started already, January is the time to kick-off revision for GCSEs and ‘A’ Levels, to make sure that you don’t start running out of time.

Feeling organised will really help with controlling nerves in the run up to exam time and will help you maximise your potential to get the grades you want and deserve. 

Make a start on Summary Posters. Even though the curriculum might still be in full swing. Remember to follow the Summary Poster rules!  For this, take a look at the Example PDF on the Smartivate page on the website and it has a graphic of a Summary Poster and gives a heap of tips.  Virtually all subjects will benefit from Summary Posters (though perhaps Maths a little less, in my experience) – do A3 posters of all the topics that you will need to learn.  These will help you to learn and memorise more effectively.

Complete Summary Posters for all subjects for which you have exams. Decide how you are going to split up the topics and sections – just doing that will help your memory too.

This will most likely need to be above and beyond the usual work that you are set for homework from school, so make sure you have a good study plan to get through it.  After a while, you’ll become good at knowing how long posters are likely to take…

Revamp your study space. If you haven’t already, create a study space which is stimulating, comfortable and generally a nice place to be. Go through your notes and set up a logical filing system so you can find what you need really easily. This will all help!

And finally…summer rewards. In cold, dark January, it’s great to think ahead to the summer about your rewards for all your hard work. How are you going to treat yourself? Going on holiday, seeing friends and family, shopping, days out, chilling on the beach, listening to your favourite artist…?

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