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Hopefully your half term was relaxing and awesome. You only have a few weeks until the Easter break, and then it’ll race very quickly towards exam time – so put some groundwork in now – before it gets superbusy – to ensure a stress free, successful term.

Motivation Creation
I’ve heard so many students say things like: “How will algebra help me in real life, anyway?” It’s tempting, but phrasing it like that won’t help your motivation! Focus on your end goal. Is lifestyle a motivator? Want a certain car, exotic holidays, big house etc? Or maybe just focus on the university you want to go to, or the job you really think you’ll enjoy after school. Focus on that. That is what you are working towards. Passing a maths test is one important rung in the ladder! Motivation can be tough to keep up – so watch my video for more advice. http://bit.ly/1T1dqtm

Practise, practise, poster
Have a go at past exam papers – it will really help focus you and also get you used to the type of questions you’ll get. It’ll make turning over that exam paper on D day a lot less stressful! You can back this prep up with summary posters – they have the benefit of helping you organise your subjects as well as boosting memory and revision.

Fill the knowledge gaps
This one is so important this time of year. Most students will need to go over aspects of their subject that they didn’t quite ‘get’ the first time. If there’s something that you can’t get your head around alone, address now with your teacher or tutor – or even team up with a friend who finds it easy. You don’t want to try and fix this just before exams!

Hang out with friends
Yes, that’s a real study tip. Never underestimate the power of positive, energising mates. Have a laugh and enjoy your time together – it’s a kind of therapy in itself! If you find yourself with friends who leave you feeling deflated and down – I call these energy parasites – avoid. Reconnect with a friend or group who you leave you crying with laughter instead!

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