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Pre-Exam Must-Dos

Girl drinking soupThe closer you get to the start of your exams, the more the pressure will build to do well.

As the exam season kicks off next week, it’s tempting to spend every available moment cramming in last-minute revision. Of course there will be key facts and figures you want to be sure you have 100% right – things like dates or quotes or formulae. But there shouldn’t be any need to keep going over and over great folders of notes in an unstructured way late into the night.

Instead, get yourself into the right frame of mind to achieve the best results you can by following our top pre-exams tips:

  • Catch your ZZZs – make sure you get plenty of sleep and give yourself around an hour to relax before bed time so you enjoy a good night’s rest.
  • De-stress – if you’re feeling stressed, chill out for a while by doing something you enjoy – listen to music, watch TV, read a book or take your dog for a walk. Focus completely on that activity to help you forget about your exams.
  • Relax – to help you switch off, take a few minutes to try progressive muscular relaxation or meditation.
  • Fuel your body – don’t forget to eat properly. Have regular small meals packed with fruit, vegetables and protein that will keep your energy levels constant. Particularly on exam days, make sure you allow time for breakfast so your blood sugar levels don’t crash.
  • Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water because even 5% dehydration will impair your brain function.
  • Prep your tools – on the night before your exams, get everything you’ll need ready so you won’t be in a panic looking for things the next day.
  • Use live-ualisation – a technique used by elite athletes to improve their performance, which you can use to picture yourself being successful in your exams.

Remember, if you’ve been following the SmartivateTM programme, you already have a big advantage over many students. You’ve followed a clear revision plan and you’re familiar with the structure of the exam papers. Now it’s about making sure you’re in the right state of mind to access all that information you’ve learned. So stay positive and calm and you’ll be well on the way to achieving your peak performance.

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