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The Secret To Getting The Most From Your Revision Time

Posted on 20/03/15, filed under A Level, GCSE, Revision Tips | No Comments Revision is the necessary evil of exam preparation. Without it you’ll sink quicker than an anchor lobbed overboard; with it you’ll feel organised and prepared – and we all know which one we’d rather be. If you’re going to get the most from your revision time you need a plan of action. Think about what subjects you need to study for and how much time you have to dedicate to revision. You need to ensure you: Set aside revision time for each of your subjects

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How To Set Long & Short-term Goals For Revision

Posted on 06/03/15, filed under Goal Setting | No Comments Making the most of your time is vital when it comes to revision. After all staring at the pages of one textbook after another is not going to help anybody. Setting yourself clear goals, however, will help to keep you motivated and focused throughout your revision. Setting Your Long-term Goals By your long-term goal, we mean whatever your future career or educational goals might be – is there a particular university you want to attend or a dream job you see yourself doing? Establish

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Welcome to Excel in Exams

Posted on 08/06/09, filed under News | No Comments We are thrilled to finally share our brand new website with you. Here you’ll be able to join other like-minded students and sign up to the Smartivate™ programme, a tailormade revision programme that will help you prepare for and excel in your exams. From enhancing your motivation as you start revision to how to achieve maximum performance when you’re faced with multiple exams, we’re here to help you achieve success. Find out more about the programme here. So welcome,

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