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The Four Styles of Learning

Posted on 09/04/15, filed under A Level, GCSE, Revision Tips | No Comments You probably know someone who claims – or appears – to have a “photographic memory”. They seem to be able to read or hear things once and have a near-perfect recall forever after, without having to do the hours of revision you’re putting in. In reality, scientists have found no evidence that a photographic memory exists. What those people are doing is focusing in class and then using smart, efficient ways to absorb that information, so they don’t need to stare

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Are You Making These Silly Mistakes When it Comes to Your Revision Plan?

Posted on 02/04/15, filed under A Level, GCSE, Revision Tips | No Comments How’s the first week of your Easter holiday revision going? Are you methodically working your way through your subjects, ticking topics neatly off your list as you go? (Give yourself a well-deserved Creme Egg if you are.) Or are you putting things off? After all, it’s been a busy term and you could be forgiven for feeling you deserve a rest and time to catch up with friends. Perhaps you are in panic mode, going cross-eyed from the piles of notes you’re reading over and over,

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Getting on Track with Your GCSE & A Level Revision

Posted on 26/03/15, filed under GCSE, Revision Tips | No Comments With the Easter break nearly upon us, planning your revision over this period and into next term is crucial for success in your GCSE or A Level exams. An effective plan will allow you to feel in control and well-prepared for your exams, while ensuring you still have time to enjoy your holidays and hang out with your friends. Being prepared To get the best results from your revision time, it's important you have a personalised study calendar. List all your subjects and allocate a time to

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