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Study Buddies: Better Your Grades With Your Mate

Posted on 30/04/15, filed under A Level, GCSE, Revision Tips | No Comments Revision doesn’t have to mean locking yourself away in your bedroom for weeks on end without speaking to anyone. Independent study may well be best for knuckling down and really focusing on a text without distractions. But sometimes you’ll find you need some extra motivation or just can’t face another day with only yourself and the four walls of your bedroom for company. A good way of relieving the boredom can be to revise with a friend. You can give each other support in

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How To Manage Exam Stress

Posted on 23/04/15, filed under A Level, GCSE, Revision Tips, Stress & Anxiety | No Comments The closer you get to the start of your exams, the more the pressure will build to do well. And if you can turn it to your advantage, that pressure, can be a good thing – it will motivate you to keep studying and give you a surge of adrenaline when you enter the exam room. What you want to avoid, though, is that pressure turning into unmanageable stress. Butterflies in your stomach are fine; blind panic isn’t. Strategies to avoid feeling overwhelmed You may find yourself suffering

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Brain Food: Top 10 Food Swaps to Aid Revision

Posted on 16/04/15, filed under A Level, GCSE, Revision Tips | No Comments There’s no getting away from it – you are what you eat. Everything you consume has an effect on your body and its ability to perform. If you are looking for an edge when it comes to your exams, take a trip to the supermarket and stock up on foods that will boost your concentration while you revise. Ditch all the sugary food and drinks, including those so-called energy drinks, which only make your blood glucose levels spike and then crash, causing a yo-yo effect that makes it hard

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