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Three Ted Talks To Get You Fired Up For Your Exam

Posted on 25/05/15, filed under Exam Tips | No Comments When you have exam after exam stretching ahead of you, it can sometimes be hard to stay positive or to keep sight of your end goal – those grades you need to succeed in life after school and college.   The Smartivate course provides guidance on how to keep motivated and maintain your confidence throughout exam season. But for an extra boost we’ve compiled a list of our three favourite TED talks, a collection of powerful talks covering a host of topics, with one goal in mind –

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10 Super-Quick Revision Tips For In Between Exams

Posted on 14/05/15, filed under Exam Tips | No Comments However well prepared you are, once your exams are underway, you’re likely to want to squeeze in some last-minute revision. At this stage, it’s all about maintaining your confidence and getting in the right frame of mind for your next exam. The information is all in there somewhere but you need to switch off from the exam you’ve just finished and get your brain in gear for the one coming up. Here are our top ten tips for revising between exams and making sure you feel

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Pre-Exam Must-Dos

Posted on 07/05/15, filed under Revision Tips | No Comments The closer you get to the start of your exams, the more the pressure will build to do well. As the exam season kicks off next week, it’s tempting to spend every available moment cramming in last-minute revision. Of course there will be key facts and figures you want to be sure you have 100% right – things like dates or quotes or formulae. But there shouldn’t be any need to keep going over and over great folders of notes in an unstructured way late into the night. Instead,

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