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5 Thoughts Everyone Studying for Their Exams Has

Posted on 11/06/15, filed under Exam Tips | No Comments GCSEs and A Levels are a big part of your life. You spend two years learning, preparing and then taking them so it’s almost inevitable that at some point along the way you’ll feel anxious about them, which in the worst case could affect your confidence and wellbeing. The charity Childline recently reported that worries about school had, for the first time, become the top concern for young people who contacted the helpline. The leading concerns raised were Fear of failure Not

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The 8 Silliest Mistakes People Make in Exams

Posted on 04/06/15, filed under Exam Tips | No Comments All the knowledge in the world won’t get you your grades if you’re too tired to focus or in a panic when you come to sit the actual exam. With the immense amounts of preparation and revision required for exams, it’s all too easy to mess up at the last moment. Here’s how to avoid making the 8 silly mistakes that will prevent you from making the grade in your exams: Not being organised: trying to gather up everything you need on the morning of the exam will leave you

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5 Steps To Calm – How to Handle Pre-Exam Nerves

Posted on 29/05/15, filed under Exam Nerves | No Comments Everyone feels nervous going into an exam and, to a certain degree, that’s good. It means the adrenaline, that will carry you through the next hour or two, is starting to pump, and it shows you care about doing well. For some people, though, their nerves are so bad it stops them performing to the best of their ability, however hard they’ve revised. If this sounds like you, then take a deep breath and try out these five techniques to calm your pre-exam jitters. Write it down –

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