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Beagle Blog – Dog as Therapist

Posted on 27/09/15, filed under Beagle Life | No Comments There are no two ways about it:  my new parent is definitely a little barking (barking mad?  See, I’m cracking jokes now... Am I losing it too?!).  For a start, she thinks that if she hides the lead behind her back when she walks towards me that I won’t see it!  What?!  Any half-smart puppy knows that old trick!  She also has a habit of smiling and laughing.  A lot.  It’s not normal.  Who is that smiley?! Ahhhhh....it’s just

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BeagleBlog 1 – It’s a dog’s life

Posted on 16/09/15, filed under Beagle Life | No Comments I would like to introduce myself:  Ferdie Beagle.  That’s me.  First name Ferdie, second name Beagle, but I have to admit that I am called “Beags” more often than not.  It is also true that I am a Beagle – the finest variety of all the hounds! I have had a two-part life so far.  I don’t want to spend too long thinking about the first part – I was born in a cage on a puppy farm in Wales, locked in a cage in a shed and only taken out when

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Life after exams

Posted on 18/06/15, filed under Exam Tips | No Comments Phew – that’s it, you’re all done, exams are over! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done, then go and celebrate or simply enjoy the sense of relief and freedom. You now have the whole summer in front of you. Of course, after all that work, you deserve some serious rest and relaxation, but on the other hand it’s a long time not to be doing anything at all. So what can you do to build on all that hard work and prepare yourself ahead of another busy year? Get

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