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10 reasons not to revise over Christmas

Posted on 07/12/15, filed under A Level, Exam Nerves, Exam Tips, GCSE, Goal Setting, News, Revision Tips, Stress & Anxiety, Teenagers | No Comments It may sound crazy but I tell my students that sometimes the best thing you can do to maximise success is to NOT to revise. It’s all about timing - knowing when to study and when to chill. Many of you will have had intense, non-stop schedules since September – so the Christmas break is the perfect time to momentarily park these commitments, relax and prepare your mind and body for 2016. Instead, try these practical tips and have yourself a happy, healthy and very restful Christmas! 1.

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Beagle Blog: How to make a great first impression

Posted on 26/10/15, filed under Beagle Life | No Comments Lady seems to be talking to people a lot at the moment about “starting well”.  I might talk about what she says a bit later, but I thought I’d give you some of my thoughts on how to make a great first impression when you start out somewhere. I have heard it said that it really matters what you look like.  Well, I probably agree with that to a degree (and I do happen to be...ahem...quite a good-looking chap, if I do say so myself), but there is a limited amount with

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Making friends – nothing wrong with bribery… ;)

Posted on 05/10/15, filed under Beagle Life | No Comments My next set of experiences with the Loony Lady (codename Lady) started when she decided that my role as Therapist was going to extend to people more than just her.  I noticed that Lady often has people come to visit and she would sit drinking tea with them at the kitchen table.  Sometimes there are two people:  one sits in with her and one sits in with me.  I particularly appreciate the people who bring me biscuits... I know that I am in for a bit of a wait when this happens,

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