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Over Easter – Pace yourself for exams

GCSE and ‘ A’ Level students prepare!

As you prepare for your summer exams, there are some top revision tips for all students to ensure that you keep stress in check and to prepare yourself – mentally and physically for the time ahead.

The Easter holiday is perfect power study time – but you also need to relax and stay positive as you’re only part-way through the journey. You need a work-chill balance in order to still be in a peak position for exams – see below.

It’s important to understand that scheduling a study session for 45 mins does NOT mean 15 mins of faffing and 30 mins of work.  If it takes 15 mins to get into something, then it’s 45 mins from that point.

Easter study preparation

  • Make sure you understand ALL topics – fully – if not, use a tutor for any final tweaks.
  • Learn summary posters and do past papers with self-marking – using mark schemes (where possible – as there are new exams this year)
  • Make a revision schedule – if you need help, check my Smartivate ™ programme https://www.excelinexams.com/course.htm
  • Down-time is just as important as study time – have at least one day completely free – for every five days of studying. 
  • It’s important to learn ways to manage any anxiety and relationships at home and school – see more below.
  • Get active and exercising – this will help your learning!

Your mind

Help your mind be healthy – use relaxation techniques – helpful if you feel stressed or overwhelmed. Here’s one I like:


There’s lots of free resources on my website to help you if you’re feeling stressed or need a little support http://www.excelinexams.com/

Meet up with ‘energy pumps’ – friends who give us a boost and make us feel positive and energised.

Your body

There is a proven link between exercise and mental wellbeing – go for a walk – take your dog out or a neighbour’s. Borrow a bike. Put some tunes on and go jogging – your brain will thank you!

Eat healthily – avoid chocolate and unhealthy snacks, eat a protein packed, balanced diet that will keep you going for longer.

Make sure you get enough sleep – most teenagers need 8-10 hours a day – and the sleep before midnight is thought to be the most beneficial.

Have a fantastic Easter!

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