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Making friends – nothing wrong with bribery… ;)

My next set of experiences with the Loony Lady (codename Lady) started when she decided that my role as Therapist was going to extend to people more than just her. 

I noticed that Lady often has people come to visit and she would sit drinking tea with them at the kitchen table.  Sometimes there are two people:  one sits in with her and one sits in with me.  I particularly appreciate the people who bring me biscuits…

I know that I am in for a bit of a wait when this happens, so I curl up into a Beagle Ball and doze with one ear open.  I hear a lot…and it makes me think about stuff too.

One of Lady’s regular visitors is a lovely girl with a soft voice.  Along with quite a few others, she is off to university soon, but she seems really worried about it.  It reminded me of all the changes that I have had to make in my life.  Change isn’t easy. 

Sometimes I find it easy to make friends (my two best friends are Roseanne the cocker spaniel and Bertie the black Labrador), but other times, it seems the hardest thing and dogs just want to chase me.  It makes me scared and I run back home as fast as my legs can take me.  Somewhere safe.  If Lady has me on a lead, I can’t run, so I have taken to barking.  A big “boooow wooow woooow!” bark – warning others to stay away.

But I’ve started to realise that if I don’t put out any positive vibes, then I may only ever have two friends…so I have started wagging my tail as well as barking.  Just to let others know that I may be tough, but actually, I’m happy tough and we could have fun, if they treat me well.

Lady seems to give similar advice to her visitors when it comes to making friends.  She asks them about what they do to create a positive vibe around them.  She says that other people are often a bit nervous too when it comes to meeting new people, so you need to let them know that you’re ok to approach – but no pushover!  She suggests identifying one or two people with whom you may have something in common (Roseanne and I love running in the forest together!  Bertie and I hang out under Kristina’s kitchen table and share toys) – and also having an open door to your room when you’re in there, with drinks or snacks to offer people.  Personally, I believe bribery with food is the perfect way to win anybody’s heart.  Dog biscuit, anyone?!

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