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How To Set Long & Short-term Goals For Revision

Making the most of your time is vital when it comes to revision. After all staring at the pages of one textbook after another is not going to help anybody. Setting yourself clear goals, however, will help to keep you motivated and focused throughout your revision.

Setting Your Long-term Goals

By your long-term goal, we mean whatever your future career or educational goals might be – is there a particular university you want to attend or a dream job you see yourself doing?

Establish what it is that drives you, where you want to be and the lifestyle you want to live, then write it down as a constant reminder.

How am I going to achieve my goal?

With your long-term goal in mind you can easily look at what steps you need to take to achieve it – these will be your short-term goals.

If there is a university course you want to attend you will know which subjects you’ll need to do particularly well in to get on it, likewise for your career goal. Setting your short-term goals will give you cause for small celebrations of your achievement on your road to success.

Writing out your long and short-term goals will help keep your energy and focus throughout your exam preparation. Refer to your goals frequently, and cross off each milestone as you achieve them. This will be particularly useful during those stressful exam revision periods.

How Can Parents Help With Goal Setting?

Chances are your family is probably your biggest cheerleader, so share your goals and plans with them. Talk to them about your long-term goal and what you need to do in order to achieve it. Share your plan and get a solid support team behind you, cheering you on.

Check out the LifeSkills National Careers Week website for an excellent range of resources to help give you some clarity about which career path could be for you. Got your goals in place but don’t know where to start with your exam preparation? Find out more about the Excel in Exams Smartivate™ plan for your personalised revision calendar.

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