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How To Manage Exam Stress

Girl drinking soupThe closer you get to the start of your exams, the more the pressure will build to do well.

And if you can turn it to your advantage, that pressure, can be a good thing – it will motivate you to keep studying and give you a surge of adrenaline when you enter the exam room.

What you want to avoid, though, is that pressure turning into unmanageable stress. Butterflies in your stomach are fine; blind panic isn’t.

Strategies to avoid feeling overwhelmed
You may find yourself suffering overwhelming thoughts about how much revision you need to do. Or you may worry that your brain will freeze when you turn over your exam paper.

Fortunately, there are plenty of strategies to help you deal with stress and anxiety. The most important thing is to have a realistic plan for your revision and to stick to it. That way, you will feel prepared and in control of your destiny.

Getting enough rest is vital. Make sure you take sufficient breaks from revision and that you switch off completely by getting fully absorbed in doing something you enjoy, rather than worrying about the next subject you need to study.

If you struggle to switch off, there are techniques you can try, such as progressive muscular relaxation, yoga or meditation. Before bed, it’s particularly important to take time to unwind so you don’t have trouble sleeping.

Exercise is a great stress reliever. You don’t have to run a marathon – even a brisk 20-minute walk will help clear your head and refresh you.  

Getting help
The SmartivateTM course has more advice on these and other stress-busting strategies to help get you through your revision and your exams. It draws on techniques that top athletes use to calm their nerves and ensure they perform to the best of their abilities. Sign up for Smartivate™ here.

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