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Getting on Track with Your GCSE & A Level Revision

Teenage Boy Sitting On Sofa At Home Using Tablet ComputerWith the Easter break nearly upon us, planning your revision over this period and into next term is crucial for success in your GCSE or A Level exams. An effective plan will allow you to feel in control and well-prepared for your exams, while ensuring you still have time to enjoy your holidays and hang out with your friends.

Being prepared

To get the best results from your revision time, it's important you have a personalised study calendar. List all your subjects and allocate a time to each of those topics. Then – and this is the crucial bit – make sure you actually revise during the allotted time.

The good news is an effective study plan should allow plenty of time for breaks, as research shows we start to lose concentration after 30 minutes to an hour. So be sensible about how long you can hold your attention and set realistic study periods. Then make sure you give yourself at least one day off a week to unwind.

Checking progress

It’s helpful to set a period aside once a week to review your performance in each subject. During this time, go over the material and check what you know and don't know. This way you can determine where you need to improve.

Creating a chart to record your progress in each subject is a good way to help you stay on track during your revision. Tick off each topic as you complete it to motivate yourself and show how far you’ve come already.

Allocating time in your calendar to cover past exam papers is another useful method for testing how much you know and where you need to do further work.

Building your study plan

Revision planning is something few students do properly and this can have a significant impact on exam performance. If you need help creating a revision calendar or making your independent study time more effective, check out the Excel in Exams SmartivateTM plan.

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