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Four Spring Study hacks

It sounds weird, but many people struggle emotionally in the Spring. You’re in the thick of it at school or college – ‘downloading’ so much in lessons, as well as reacting to mock exam results. Summer tans have long faded, the party season is behind us and the weather just doesn’t play ball. To help us get through this seasonal hiccup, I’ve put together some pointers to help you keep positive, motivated and happy:

1. Nip any holes in your knowledge, now.
Most students have weak spots in their understanding – it’s normal to focus more on areas you personally enjoy. For instance – you can write a great essay on Catcher in the Rye, but you get a blank with Hamlet. Address these knowledge gaps now – and talk to your tutor if you’re struggling with concepts.

2. Create a clear revision plan in advance
Many of the people I work with – both students and adults – can cope with their anxiety once we confront and identify their fears. Facing up to your exams now can really help your frame of mind. Make a revision plan; you’ll be able to drain the lake to see the crocodiles! Seeing the workload on paper, and knowing how and when you’ll tackle it will help.

3. Get a move on…
There is a proven link between exercise and mental wellbeing – and it’s free, 100% natural and instant – what’s stopping you? It doesn’t matter if you’re not ‘sporty’. If there’s only one playlist that ever gets you on the dancefloor, put it on and dance around your kitchen. Borrow a bike. Put some tunes on and go jogging – your brain will thank you!

4. …and wind down
The digital generation are 24-hour party people. Friends are always a heartbeat away, you can watch anything, anytime – it’s understandably tempting to spend hours of downtime on your phone. But the constant information overload and non-stop screentime can make you feel stressed and scrambled. Blue light has a proven effect on our brains; it wakes us up. Ban your phone from your bedroom or at least switch it off at least an hour before lights out – proper rest will keep you sharp this spring.

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