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Exams: How to cope, one day at a time…

Posted on 23/05/16, filed under A Level, Exam Nerves, Exam Tips, GCSE, Goal Setting, Revision Tips, Stress & Anxiety, Teenagers | No Comments

Well, most of you will have started your exams. Some of you may even be close to finishing!  However, what you want to do is to pace yourself.  I have been advising students to have a detailed preparation plan for the entire exam period, but then to pull right back and focus on each day at a time.  There is no point looking too far up at the mountain and feeling overwhelmed; instead, take reassurance from the fact that you have a plan for each and every exam and then re-focus Read more […]

Proven exam success tips

Posted on 24/02/16, filed under A Level, Exam Nerves, Exam Tips, GCSE, Goal Setting, News, Revision Tips, Stress & Anxiety, Teenagers | No Comments

Hopefully your half term was relaxing and awesome. You only have a few weeks until the Easter break, and then it’ll race very quickly towards exam time – so put some groundwork in now – before it gets superbusy – to ensure a stress free, successful term. Motivation Creation I’ve heard so many students say things like: “How will algebra help me in real life, anyway?” It’s tempting, but phrasing it like that won’t help your motivation! Focus Read more […]

Four Spring Study hacks

Posted on 04/02/16, filed under A Level, Exam Nerves, Exam Tips, GCSE, Goal Setting, News, Revision Tips, Stress & Anxiety, Teenagers | No Comments

It sounds weird, but many people struggle emotionally in the Spring. You’re in the thick of it at school or college – ‘downloading’ so much in lessons, as well as reacting to mock exam results. Summer tans have long faded, the party season is behind us and the weather just doesn’t play ball. To help us get through this seasonal hiccup, I’ve put together some pointers to help you keep positive, motivated and happy: 1. Nip any holes in your knowledge, now. Most students Read more […]

Revision power start for 2016!

Posted on 25/01/16, filed under A Level, Exam Nerves, Exam Tips, GCSE, Goal Setting, Revision Tips, Stress & Anxiety | No Comments

Happy New Year! With ‘A’ Level mocks  out of the way, if you haven’t started already, January is the time to kick-off revision for GCSEs and ‘A’ Levels, to make sure that you don’t start running out of time. Feeling organised will really help with controlling nerves in the run up to exam time and will help you maximise your potential to get the grades you want and deserve.  Make a start on Summary Posters. Even though the curriculum might Read more […]

10 reasons not to revise over Christmas

Posted on 07/12/15, filed under A Level, Exam Nerves, Exam Tips, GCSE, Goal Setting, News, Revision Tips, Stress & Anxiety, Teenagers | No Comments

It may sound crazy but I tell my students that sometimes the best thing you can do to maximise success is to NOT to revise. It’s all about timing – knowing when to study and when to chill. Many of you will have had intense, non-stop schedules since September – so the Christmas break is the perfect time to momentarily park these commitments, relax and prepare your mind and body for 2016. Instead, try these practical tips and have yourself a happy, healthy and very restful Christmas! 1. Read more […]

Life after exams

Posted on 18/06/15, filed under Exam Tips | No Comments

Phew – that’s it, you’re all done, exams are over! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done, then go and celebrate or simply enjoy the sense of relief and freedom. You now have the whole summer in front of you. Of course, after all that work, you deserve some serious rest and relaxation, but on the other hand it’s a long time not to be doing anything at all. So what can you do to build on all that hard work and prepare yourself ahead of another busy year? Get Read more […]

5 Thoughts Everyone Studying for Their Exams Has

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GCSEs and A Levels are a big part of your life. You spend two years learning, preparing and then taking them so it’s almost inevitable that at some point along the way you’ll feel anxious about them, which in the worst case could affect your confidence and wellbeing. The charity Childline recently reported that worries about school had, for the first time, become the top concern for young people who contacted the helpline. The leading concerns raised were Fear of failure Not Read more […]

The 8 Silliest Mistakes People Make in Exams

Posted on 04/06/15, filed under Exam Tips | No Comments

All the knowledge in the world won’t get you your grades if you’re too tired to focus or in a panic when you come to sit the actual exam. With the immense amounts of preparation and revision required for exams, it’s all too easy to mess up at the last moment. Here’s how to avoid making the 8 silly mistakes that will prevent you from making the grade in your exams: Not being organised: trying to gather up everything you need on the morning of the exam will leave you Read more […]

Three Ted Talks To Get You Fired Up For Your Exam

Posted on 25/05/15, filed under Exam Tips | No Comments

When you have exam after exam stretching ahead of you, it can sometimes be hard to stay positive or to keep sight of your end goal – those grades you need to succeed in life after school and college.   The Smartivate course provides guidance on how to keep motivated and maintain your confidence throughout exam season. But for an extra boost we’ve compiled a list of our three favourite TED talks, a collection of powerful talks covering a host of topics, with one goal in mind – Read more […]

10 Super-Quick Revision Tips For In Between Exams

Posted on 14/05/15, filed under Exam Tips | No Comments

However well prepared you are, once your exams are underway, you’re likely to want to squeeze in some last-minute revision. At this stage, it’s all about maintaining your confidence and getting in the right frame of mind for your next exam. The information is all in there somewhere but you need to switch off from the exam you’ve just finished and get your brain in gear for the one coming up. Here are our top ten tips for revising between exams and making sure you feel Read more […]

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