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Beagle Blog: How to make a great first impression

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Lady seems to be talking to people a lot at the moment about “starting well”.  I might talk about what she says a bit later, but I thought I’d give you some of my thoughts on how to make a great first impression when you start out somewhere. I have heard it said that it really matters what you look like.  Well, I probably agree with that to a degree (and I do happen to be…ahem…quite a good-looking chap, if I do say so myself), but there is a limited amount with Read more […]

Making friends – nothing wrong with bribery… ;)

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My next set of experiences with the Loony Lady (codename Lady) started when she decided that my role as Therapist was going to extend to people more than just her.  I noticed that Lady often has people come to visit and she would sit drinking tea with them at the kitchen table.  Sometimes there are two people:  one sits in with her and one sits in with me.  I particularly appreciate the people who bring me biscuits… I know that I am in for a bit of a wait when this happens, Read more […]

Beagle Blog – Dog as Therapist

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There are no two ways about it:  my new parent is definitely a little barking (barking mad?  See, I’m cracking jokes now… Am I losing it too?!).  For a start, she thinks that if she hides the lead behind her back when she walks towards me that I won’t see it!  What?!  Any half-smart puppy knows that old trick!  She also has a habit of smiling and laughing.  A lot.  It’s not normal.  Who is that smiley?! Ahhhhh….it’s just Read more […]

BeagleBlog 1 – It’s a dog’s life

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I would like to introduce myself:  Ferdie Beagle.  That’s me.  First name Ferdie, second name Beagle, but I have to admit that I am called “Beags” more often than not.  It is also true that I am a Beagle – the finest variety of all the hounds! I have had a two-part life so far.  I don’t want to spend too long thinking about the first part – I was born in a cage on a puppy farm in Wales, locked in a cage in a shed and only taken out when Read more […]

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