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Brain Food: Top 10 Food Swaps to Aid Revision

Crudites and dip There’s no getting away from it – you are what you eat. Everything you consume has an effect on your body and its ability to perform. If you are looking for an edge when it comes to your exams, take a trip to the supermarket and stock up on foods that will boost your concentration while you revise.

Ditch all the sugary food and drinks, including those so-called energy drinks, which only make your blood glucose levels spike and then crash, causing a yo-yo effect that makes it hard to stay alert, and instead fuel your brain with these healthy foods swaps:

  1. Oats – say goodbye to sugar-laden cereals and hello to porridge with grated apple or blueberries as a long-lasting, energy-boosting breakfast
  2. Eggs – packed with protein, eggs will keep you going for longer
  3. Salmon, tuna or other oily fish – high in the omega-3 fatty acids that are so good for your brain
  4. Fresh fruit – great for a portable snack or as an alternative to stodgy, sugary puddings. Get two of your five recommended portions a day by snacking on apples, bananas or oranges, or make yourself a fruit smoothie – yum
  5. Vegetables – how about swapping your after-school snack for raw carrot and cucumber sticks with hummus? Or sliced avocado and tomato with oatcakes and cream cheese? Alas, tomato ketchup doesn’t count as a vegetable
  6. Natural yoghurt – high in protein, no added sugar and delicious with fruit and a teaspoon of honey (but not half the jar)
  7. Wholegrains – refined carbohydrates have a similar effect on your body to sugar, so if you usually have white bread sandwiches, try swapping it for wholemeal or wholegrain
  8. Nuts and seeds – as long as you don’t have an allergy, these make a great snack and contain protein, vitamins, minerals and omega 3
  9. Pulses – lentils, chickpeas and beans not only count towards your five a day but are filled with protein too. They taste good in soup, whizzed up into a dip or made into falafels or burgers
  10. Water – it’s hard to focus if you’re dehydrated, so aim to drink between 1.6 and 2 litres of water a day (that’s about 8 to 10 glasses). Find that daunting? Dilute one part squash with 12 parts water or dilute a natural fruit juice for a fruity way to rehydrate yourself

The government’s Change4Life website has advice on simple food swaps you can make, to replace sugary foods with healthier snacks.

And for more tips on improving your concentration and boosting your revision performance, take a look at the SmartivateTM course.

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