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BeagleBlog 1 – It’s a dog’s life

I would like to introduce myself:  Ferdie Beagle.  That’s me.  First name Ferdie, second name Beagle, but I have to admit that I am called “Beags” more often than not.  It is also true that I am a Beagle – the finest variety of all the hounds!

I have had a two-part life so far.  I don’t want to spend too long thinking about the first part – I was born in a cage on a puppy farm in Wales, locked in a cage in a shed and only taken out when I was required to perform.  To father puppies on demand, day in, day out.  When I tried to resist, I was hit.  Hard.  I tried so hard to escape and spent hours and hours chewing on the bars of my cage – but all I did was wear down my teeth.  I can’t tell you how horrific it was, but all I can say is that I became so scared that I didn’t work anymore.  Frightened of everyone.  According to rumours on the farm, I was so bad that I was on the list to be terminated.  Shot.   Then, at the last minute, I was saved.

The big sign outside the place into which I was driven read “Many Tears Animal Rescue”.  Goodness!  The last thing that I needed was to cry more tears!  My heart had broken a long time ago and I had run out of tears.  I felt terribly scared and lonely.

In the Rescue, people were kind to me.  I learned that “Many Tears” referred to the tears that the owners of the rescue had shed over the horrible stories of animal sadness that they had encountered.     They were good people who devoted their life and home to saving animals like me.

However kind my new guardians, they were also busy looking after lots of others and it was hard to make friends when you don’t know who to trust.  After about a month, a smiling, soft-voiced lady picked me up and took me to her house where she had lots of other dogs.  Her name was Vicky. Apparently, she is called a Foster Parent.  That made me a Foster Son, I suppose.  She was super kind to me and I no longer lived in a cage.  Instead, I discovered that if I stood on the television, I could grow at least another 2 feet!  I also found a love of Primula Cheese Spread and would come running whenever I heard the words “Cheese!  Cheese!”  This is also quite useful as, being a Beagle, sometimes my nose leads me to forget that there is anything else in the world other than a good smell. 

I was starting to settle into my new home with my new companions when everything changed again.

After about six weeks with my foster parents, on our usual walk in the field in the evening, I went to return to the car, but was firmly handed from Vicky to a strange lady with a loud laugh who kept trying to talk to me – and lifted me into her car!  I didn’t know what to think…I was becoming positively nomadic.  I found myself longing for a forever home.  Somewhere I could totally relax, know the rules and be happy.  Would this move be the one?  The lady who had picked me up and put me on the fat cushions in the boot of her car seemed to be friendly, but could I trust her?  I thought that if I watched and watched her for long enough with my big brown eyes, then I might see… In the meantime, I kept my distance from her, just in case.

ps if you would like to see some pics of me, then visit Excel in Exams FB page… :)

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