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Beagle Blog: How to make a great first impression

Beags in field sniffing

Lady seems to be talking to people a lot at the moment about “starting well”.  I might talk about what she says a bit later, but I thought I’d give you some of my thoughts on how to make a great first impression when you start out somewhere.

I have heard it said that it really matters what you look like.  Well, I probably agree with that to a degree (and I do happen to be…ahem…quite a good-looking chap, if I do say so myself), but there is a limited amount with what I can do with myself from an appearance perspective. 

I think most people have missed the point, though.  The most important thing isn’t what you LOOK like, but what you SMELL like!  Let me explain.  Lady seems to have half a dozen bottles of stuff that she sprays on herself.  Sometimes she does two at once!  Not entirely sure why, but I think she thinks it works for something…I quite like a peachy smelling one, but she smells best after she’s been chopping up steak!


Back to me.  I have three main complementary perfumes.  Of course, the original “Eau de Beagle” is not to be underestimated.  It is particularly potent when I am wet, of course, but still does the trick when dry.  Then, for excursions, there is “Acqua di Birdpoo”, “Horse-iorissimo” and, my personal favourite, “Chanel number Fox”.  Sometimes it’s luck of the draw as to which one I can find, but, boy when I do, I really revel in it!  Sometimes I manage to cover myself from neck to tail!  Sigh!  I become the most alluring fellow in the world…

I am also aware that I become a magnet to Lady.  She seems to initially make some odd expressions with her face, but then she feels the need to get up close to me, rubbing my fur with water and bubbles and then towelling me off.  I do enjoy a good towelling.  Sadly, I manage to lose the chosen aroma with this procedure, but it sure is worth it.  Especially when Lady gives me a biscuit at the end.

So, remember my advice:  make yourself smell irresistible and you can’t fail to give a fantastic first impression!

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