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Are You Making These Silly Mistakes When it Comes to Your Revision Plan?

executive diary / organizer closeupHow’s the first week of your Easter holiday revision going? Are you methodically working your way through your subjects, ticking topics neatly off your list as you go? (Give yourself a well-deserved Creme Egg if you are.)

Or are you putting things off? After all, it’s been a busy term and you could be forgiven for feeling you deserve a rest and time to catch up with friends. Perhaps you are in panic mode, going cross-eyed from the piles of notes you’re reading over and over, hoping they’ll sink in?

Getting it wrong
It’s easy to make basic mistakes when planning your revision and this can affect how well you do in your exams. It might, for example, seem a pity to waste time drawing up a plan of action when you could just get stuck into your studies. But it really pays to get organised upfront and know what you need to be doing when, whether that’s revising a particular topic, playing sport or relaxing.

Not allowing enough time to study is an obvious mistake – or not sticking to the timetable you’ve set yourself and falling behind. Most of us are very good at procrastinating, so you need a clear plan and techniques to motivate yourself to keep going when there’s no teacher hovering over you.

The opposite problem is overloading your day and revising for hours on end. Maybe you think if you don’t take any breaks, you can stop earlier and go and do something you enjoy. Or you think you have to cram non-stop to get the best grades. The problem is, you’re unlikely to be concentrating properly, so all you’re doing is wasting precious time and energy.

SuccessSignStriking a balance
Striking a balance between life and revision is the key. Excel in Exams’ SmartivateTM course can help you plan your revision effectively, so that you stay focused and motivated while you’re studying and still have free time. A balanced revision plan will help you return to school feeling refreshed and prepared and in control of your future.

You can buy the Smartivate™ course today here to get you started with your revision.

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