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5 Steps To Calm – How to Handle Pre-Exam Nerves

Everyone feels nervous going into an exam and, to a certain degree, that’s good. It means the adrenaline, that will carry you through the next hour or two, is starting to pump, and it shows you care about doing well.

For some people, though, their nerves are so bad it stops them performing to the best of their ability, however hard they’ve revised. If this sounds like you, then take a deep breath and try out these five techniques to calm your pre-exam jitters.

  1. Write it down – take a little time out from last-minute revision to list those things that are worrying you and make a plan for dealing with them. Also, get into the habit of keeping a record of each day’s achievements, however small. You can then refer back to this if you’re feeling anxious to help you focus on your strengths.
  2. Use positive self-talk to get yourself in the right mindset to succeed. Remember, if you’ve been following the SmartivateTM programme, you have an in-built advantage thanks to the techniques you’ve learned to enhance your memory and performance. Tell yourself you can do this, or use a pre-prepared mantra to motivate yourself, and don’t let anxious thoughts take hold.
  3. Use relaxation techniques to calm your nerves. On the journey to school before your exams, practise progressive muscular relaxation for five minutes or go over some of the methods you’ve learned to stop yourself feeling overwhelmed. As you enter the exam room, do some simple breathing exercises to clear your mind of any negative thoughts.
  4. Use live-ualisation to picture yourself doing well in your exams. Feel and imagine yourself achieving success.
  5. Form a bubble of focus around yourself before each exam. Some people prefer to zone in on things related to the exam, while for others it’s better to zone out and clear their mind. Work out which method helps you to calm your nerves.

For more tips, check out the SmartivateTM course. And remember, some stress is a positive thing – pressure makes diamonds.

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