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10 Super-Quick Revision Tips For In Between Exams

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However well prepared you are, once your exams are underway, you’re likely to want to squeeze in some last-minute revision. At this stage, it’s all about maintaining your confidence and getting in the right frame of mind for your next exam.

The information is all in there somewhere but you need to switch off from the exam you’ve just finished and get your brain in gear for the one coming up.

Here are our top ten tips for revising between exams and making sure you feel ready for whatever the next exam throws at you:

  • When you finish an exam, take a little time to recover – have something to eat and drink and perhaps have a brief chat with your friends about how things went.
  • Take on-board any lessons from how you did in your last exam but then move on quickly – don’t dwell on what’s over and done with.
  • Spend a few minutes relaxing and clearing your mind – listen to your favourite music or think about your favourite places.
  • Refocus on getting ready for your next exam – don’t let yourself get sidetracked by negative thoughts or doubts. If you’re feeling stressed about your next exam try some of the tips in our blog post about managing exam stress.
  • Use the materials you’ve prepared to help you quickly remember key facts for the subject coming up next – the SmartivateTM course has information on how to prepare summary notes and diagrams and how to use key words and mnemonics to enhance your recall.
  • Test yourself using flashcards.
  • If your next exam isn’t until the morning, don’t stay up too late cramming – take time to relax before bed, get plenty of sleep and allow enough time for breakfast and a glass of water when you get up. Try one of our brain food swaps to ensure you’re fuelled for the day.
  • During any longer breaks between exams and at weekends, try and strike a balance that works for you between revision and relaxation – it’s good to keep up the momentum but you need to pace yourself too.
  • As you go into your exam, use positive self-talk and live-ualisation to get yourself in a good state of mind – if you’ve been following the SmartivateTM course, you know what you have to do to succeed, so stay strong and seize the day.
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