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Exams: How to cope, one day at a time…

Posted on 23/05/16, filed under A Level, Exam Nerves, Exam Tips, GCSE, Goal Setting, Revision Tips, Stress & Anxiety, Teenagers | No Comments Well, most of you will have started your exams. Some of you may even be close to finishing!  However, what you want to do is to pace yourself.  I have been advising students to have a detailed preparation plan for the entire exam period, but then to pull right back and focus on each day at a time.  There is no point looking too far up at the mountain and feeling overwhelmed; instead, take reassurance from the fact that you have a plan for each and every exam and then re-focus

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Tick, tick, tick of the clock…

Posted on 14/04/16, filed under News | No Comments The Easter holidays are almost at an end – and ended already for some of you. We are now at the pointy end of preparation for your upcoming exams and you want to keep up your energy, attitude and belief that YOU CAN DO IT!!! You had a study plan for the holidays that hopefully was useful for you. Now, you need to put together a plan for the last days leading up to the exams. Focus now needs to be on: 1. Reviewing your summary posters before... 2. Sitting and completing a practice paper

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Over Easter – Pace yourself for exams

Posted on 23/03/16, filed under News | No Comments GCSE and ‘ A’ Level students prepare! As you prepare for your summer exams, there are some top revision tips for all students to ensure that you keep stress in check and to prepare yourself – mentally and physically for the time ahead. The Easter holiday is perfect power study time – but you also need to relax and stay positive as you’re only part-way through the journey. You need a work-chill balance in order to still be in a peak position for exams – see

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